Politica Linguistica


Outgoing students participating in the Erasmus mobility are required to attend a preparatory course in the language in which the educational and training activities will be conducted at the hosting institution or company. These courses are carried out at the Foundation’s venue and / or in local language schools. The  courses are offered at least three months before the starting date of the mobility activities and allow achievement of internationally recognized certification.

Incoming students will benefit from an intensive Italian course at the ITS. At the end of the course, subject to specific evidence of assessment of Italian knowledge, they will receive a certificate on acquired linguistic competence. Participation in the language course is mandatory for the students who intends to carry out the study/training period at the ITS Tirreno.

At the end of each course or training, testing will take place according to the guidelines defined by the Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) of ITS Tirreno. The ECTS scheme will be adopted in order to make the training offer of the Foundation internationally understood. Certification will be granted to each student in mobility, indicating the generality, the data of the host structure, the training activities carried out, and the ECTS credits.